Global Human Resources

Our expertise in global human resources encompasses both compensation and employment matters. We advise clients on a wide range of compensation-related issues, such as allowances, bonus programs, equity-based compensation, and global pensions.

We have significant experience counseling multinational companies with respect to their international employment practices. We advise multinational companies on employment matters such as codes of conduct, data privacy, employee handbooks and policies, leaves of absence, severance, and works councils.

We advise multinational companies on all aspects of global human resources.  Some of the matters are as follows:


      Allowances.  Advise clients on the tax and labor implications of housing, transportation and educational allowances.

      Bonus Programs.  Assist clients with implementation of bonus programs in compliance with tax, labor, and other regulatory requirements.

      Foreign Exchange.  Guide clients through the intricacies of local foreign exchange restrictions that affect the transfer of funds and securities by the parent company, employer, and employee.

      Equity Compensation.  Work with clients in the design, implementation, and maintenance of equity compensation programs.

      Global Pensions.  Counsel plan trustees, executives, and investment managers throughout the entire spectrum of retirement programs.

      Payroll Deductions.  Advise clients on the legal restrictions that exist on the holding of employees' funds and payroll deductions.

      Reporting and Withholding.  Work with clients to ensure compliance with local tax reporting obligations and to withhold income tax on compensation and benefits.

      Social Insurance.  Advise clients on the social insurance obligations that should be considered with a global workforce and the potential impact of these considerations.


      Codes of Conduct.  Assist clients with drafting codes of conduct to ensure legal compliance and facilitate a respectful work environment.

      Data Privacy.  Work with clients to structure the collection, storage, and transfer of employee information to ensure compliance with local data privacy laws and obtain appropriate approvals.

      Discrimination.  Advise clients on the varied and extensive laws around the world with regard to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, age, or religion.

      Handbooks and Policies.  Work with clients to ensure new and existing policies are in compliance with all legal requirements and that employment policies are clear and comprehensive to avert future labor problems.

      Employee Monitoring.  Work with clients to evaluate global privacy risks among the myriad of workplace monitoring activities that exist in today's workplace.

      Employment Contracts.  Advise clients on all aspects of employment contracts, whether express or implied.

      Expatriate Tracking.  A global workforce will often have members crossing borders for varying and extended periods of time.  We help clients avoid immigration and tax-related problems while employees are on the move.

      Hiring.  Work with clients who seek to standardize terms of employment, as well as review and update existing terms and conditions of employment to reflect current best practices.

      Language/Translation Issues.  The manner in which programs and benefits are communicated to employees is key to any human resources program.  In addition to drafting and preparing translations for the documents, we help clients communicate unfamiliar concepts in terms that are understandable to all employees.

      Leaves of Absence.  Work with clients on the various laws around the world and how they relate to medical, parental, and other forms of leave.

      Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements.  A variety of protective provisions are becoming increasingly common, as are the disputes arising from them.  We have the experience to analyze these issues and prevent potential problems before they arise.

      Non-Employee Workers.  Advise clients on the issues and consequences of using non-employee workers whether they are independent contractors, agency workers, or part of a secondment or other special employment arrangement. 

      Part-Time Workers.  Advise clients on country-specific requirements and limitations for part-time employees.

      Reductions in Force.  Work with clients to ensure compliance with all applicable laws to minimize the risk of lawsuits when undertaking a reduction in force, plant or office closing, or termination of key executives.

      Severance.  We advise clients on legally mandated severance in many countries. To avoid future disputes, we help clients design, negotiate, and draft separation agreements containing releases and waivers of claims.

      Termination Notices.  Guide clients in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements and taking clients through special employment protection rights and dismissal hearings.

      Works Councils/Unions. Counseling clients with respect to European works councils, as well as advising clients on collective bargaining/labor regulations issues.